A mining and extractive sector that is equitable, sustainable and profitable

We inspire, connect and support women to create a diverse and inclusive extractive mining industry. To create a network and to attract, retain and grow the number of women within the mining industry and mining communities. To facilitate initiatives that promote gender equity and foster the professional development of the women in the global mining industry.

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Mining CSI Indaba is an independent intergraded sustainable investment platform taking the initiative to revitalize and to bring investments back into the Labour Sending areas. It is a gateway to a cost sustainable platform for Mines to showcase what they have accomplished in communities through CSI and SLP investments in the Republic of Lesotho

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Sponsoring Mining CSI Indaba provides a unique opportunity for your organization to enhance brand visibility and credibility within the mining and extractive sector. By aligning with an event focused on sustainable investment, community development, and gender equity in Lesotho, your brand can showcase its commitment to corporate social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion. The sponsorship not only allows for exclusive networking with key industry stakeholders but also provides a platform to highlight your organization’s noteworthy Corporate Social Investment and Social and Labour Plan initiatives. Engaging with this event demonstrates a dedication to positive social impact, fostering community relations, and staying abreast of industry trends, ultimately contributing to a positive brand image and potential business opportunities.

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The Kingdom of Lesotho Mining Indaba Khotla is born from a need and desire to see sustainable growth and development within Lesotho’s growing mine industry.

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